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Captured mouse

The Dangers of Poisoning Mice and Why Exclusion is Safer For Wildlife

When it comes to dealing with mice infestations, its common for many homeowners to first consider using quick fixes like traps and poisons. The major problem is, these types of mice removal methods can and usually do inadvertently become a death sentence for unintended victims – and particularly our wildlife. That is why, as a […]

Squirrel baby born in mild winter

A Mild Winter Means Early Wildlife Baby Births & Sudden Infestations

Are you hearing strange noises in your attic all of a sudden? If so it may be because there’s a mild winter ahead of us and wildlife babies are expected to be born earlier than usual this year. From raccoons and squirrels to mice and skunks—a sudden increase in sounds in your attic is a […]


Get a Wildlife Management Company on Speed Dial

When you manage property or sell real estate, having a wildlife control company as a trusted vendor will save you time and money, and ensure the safety of your clients. The benefits of this type of partnership should not be overlooked and should be carefully considered if you want to stand out from the competition […]

Bat on the wall of a house

What To Do If There’s a Bat Flying In Your House

Every year we get a huge number of calls for help removing a bat that’s flying in their house. The following steps that will help you get a bat out safely and humanely. Make sure to read this article in it’s entirety so you do everything right when it comes to handling bats. Bats in […]

Wildlife damage

Home Buyers Beware: Inspect for Wildlife Damage Before You Buy

Before a home is sold it must be professionally inspected to ensure it’s safe to live in, but there should be an inspection for animals and wildlife damage too. Home inspections are a necessary step in the home buying process because it lets you know if there are areas of the home that need to […]

Picture of mouse hole in house siding

How Are Mice Getting Into My House?

After discovering a mice infestation, many homeowners ask us how the mice got into their house, and how they ended up with an infestation. This article explains the most common ways mice can get into a home, the best way to remove them, and the measures you should take to permanently prevent the mice from […]

Owl box in tree

The Benefits of Getting an Owl Box in Your Yard

Owl boxes are great for attracting owls to nest in your yard and for giving them a safe haven, but there are benefits to getting an owl box too. If you like owls and own a home that has a few trees in the backyard, installing an owl box is a great way to get […]


I Found One Mouse In My House, Does That Mean There’s More?

While providing mice removal, we typically find that when a customer has seen one mouse in their home, without intervention it could lead to an infestation. Most of the time, a mother mouse will enter a home and have her babies, and that’s when the infestation troubles start. By the time a mouse infestation has […]

Baby skunks humanely removed from under deck

Why Humane Animal Removal Is Better Than Poisoning or Extermination

A lot of customers ask us why we provide a humane animal removal service instead of simply killing the animal and getting the job done as fast as possible. It’s a good question and one that we get all the time, so we’ve decided to detail the reasons below. Why wouldn’t we exterminate the animal […]

How Do Wild Animals Get Into A Home?

If you ask the average home owner if they think their home is protected from wild animal break-ins, they will probably tell you it is. This false sense of security is usually what leads to calls to local wildlife removal companies for animal removal services, and is what ends up costing a few thousand dollars […]

Holding a turtle from behind while crossing roadway

Tips For Encounters With Turtles On Roadways

Summer is here and that means many drivers in Ontario are bound to encounter turtles trying to cross the road. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know that there’s a right way to do it, and that it’s important to help them because in Canada many turtle species are dangerously in decline. […]

Stopping The Spread of Skunk Smell After Your Dog Is Sprayed

Throughout a dog’s lifetime, he or she is bound to get sprayed by a skunk, and if it’s happened to your pet, you know how quickly the odour spreads around your home, and also how difficult is it to remove. When it comes to a dog getting sprayed by a skunk, it’s important to do […]

Rabies or distemper in raccoons

The Key Differences Between Rabies And Distemper Symptoms In Raccoons

Each year we get hundreds of calls from home owners who believe they’ve encountered a raccoon with rabies. Although Ontario has seen an increase in rabies over the past decade, the large portion of the reported cases turn out to be raccoons suffering from canine distemper. Rabies and canine distemper are not the same. Both are […]

Mouse entering home through hole

During The Autumn Season Mice Seek Refuge In Homes – Is Yours Protected?

Autumn is usually the time of year when we get an increase of calls for mice removal from homes because as the cold weather of fall approaches, wildlife like mice start seeking warmer abodes. The increase in frigid weather means they’ll be leaving their outdoor homes and seeking the warmth of the inside of an […]

Signs of a bat infestation in your attic

The Top 10 Signs You Have Bats In Your Attic

Are you smelling strange odours coming from your attic, or has your cat brought a dead bat into your home? Are you seeing black droppings around your porch or window sill? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and are suspicious of the bat activity near your home, continue reading for the top […]

Procedure for removing wildlife in the winter

How Do We Handle Wildlife We Remove During Extremely Cold Temperatures

A common question we get from customers is regarding what we do with animals that we remove from homes during extremely cold temperatures, and especially during the deep cold of winter. Even if wildlife are living in your attic, it only makes sense to wonder if during excessive temperatures, whether we simply release them back […]

Should You Avoid Touching Raccoons?

Many of our customers ask us whether it’s actually safe to touch, feed or play with raccoons. For the most part responsible people tend to avoid them, but with the many mixed messages about raccoon encounters out there and with the increase of people taking them on as pets, it’s difficult to know whether they’re […]

Ways To Stop Wildlife From Getting In Your Home

Top 10 Ways To Stop Wildlife From Getting In Your Home

For as long as people have been living in houses, they’ve been looking for ways to stop wildlife from getting into them. It’s no easy task. Even new homes are highly susceptible to animal entries, and it doesn’t matter how durable the home is built. Common Wildlife Intruders Today most houses are intruded upon by […]

Bat laws in Ontario

Is It Legal To Kill Bats In Ontario?

Home owners with bats in their attic often ask us whether it is illegal to kill them or not. This page clarifies the laws, acts and statutes related to the treatment of bats in Ontario, including what you can do to remove them legally and humanely if they’ve built a colony on your property. In […]

Baby squirrels removal from attic

Beware of Second Litter During Squirrel Removal

With mid-summer comes more calls for squirrel removal, especially when squirrels are giving birth to their babies in the attics of home owners. Whether you’ve seen the signs or not, there’s one important piece of advice I’d like to give you and other pest control companies about being aware of the second litter that’s born […]

Bat removed on brick wall

Is Your Home Protected From Bats? Probably Not

Bat season is here in Ontario so if you have bats living in your attic, you’re going to find out about it pretty shortly. If you don’t have bats, but your home is not protected, the odds are that it’s only a matter of time. But what can you do about it? How can you […]

Patch of dry grass is a rabbits nest

Investigate Your Lawn For Baby Rabbit Nests Before You Cut The Grass

We’re quite happy to announce that our video showing an example of a hidden baby rabbit’s nest on a customer’s front lawn has reached quite a large number of people. Being in the wildlife removal industry for this many years, we’ve encountered thousands of animals in need of rescue and are always happy to do […]

Mouse in attic

Is It Dangerous To Ignore Mice Control If Mice Live In Your Attic?

Some people actually believe it’s not important to remove mice from a home or attic and that mice control services are not really important. You see it all the time – home owners that let mice and small rodents live in their homes indefinitely without any scruples as to the danger they pose to themselves, […]

Mother raccoon retreiving her kits

Caught on Camera: Watch Mother Raccoon Relocating Her Babies After Removal

Last week we were at a home in Brantford Ontario doing a raccoon removal from underneath an aging add-on sun-porch. The raccoon mother and her kits were living underneath it. Since the babies were born at this home, we can safely presume the family has been living there at least through the winter. The home […]

Trucks ready for raccoon rescue in Brantford

Happy Ending For a Raccoon Stuck on Hydro Pole in Brantford

In conjunction with Brantford Hydro, the Brantford SPCA and Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. we rescued one lucky raccoon this past weekend who was stuck up on top of a hydro pole. I say lucky because if it hadn’t been for a caring citizen who noticed the raccoon had been stuck on the hydro pole for […]

Cat staring at mouse

Are Cats A Reliable Mice Control Solution?

Have you hired a cat soldier to march your mice problems out of town? If so, continue reading because you could be in for a surprise once you learn the downside of relying on a furry feline to help you with your mouse control issues. One of the biggest misconceptions about controlling mice problems is […]

Baby raccoon removed from attic

Do You Need Raccoon Removal? The 10 Top Signs Raccoons Are Living In Your Attic

These are the top 10 signs you have raccoons living in your attic which will tell you if you need raccoon removal services. Between January and May we get an increase in calls from home owners complaining about loud noises coming from their attic. In these cases, 99% of the time there’s a raccoon in […]

Jared Houliston Answering Wildlife Removal Questions

Answering Raccoon Removal Questions on Wits and Pieces

It’s almost that time of year again when most of the calls wildlife removal companies get are for raccoon removal – because of the approaching raccoon baby season! By mid March and into April, raccoons start giving birth to their babies (also known as kits), and that’s usually when home owners are more prone to […]

View of insulation damage by a squirrel

See a Squirrel Removal From A Commercial Building in Brantford

We generally provide squirrel removal services for homes, but we do get the occasional commercial call because a squirrel or other form of wildlife is stuck somewhere on the premises, or because of an infestation. The problem is usually the former; a raccoon or squirrel can become trapped in the building rafters, they could get […]

Pest control tech holding chewed roof vent

Short History of Pest Control and Wildlife Removal

Today I want to talk a little about the history of pest control in Ontario and how it’s evolved over the years. I myself have been providing pest control services to home owners in the Brantford and Kitchener areas for quite a long time, and my experience has helped me refine the services I offer, and […]

Bat sitting on wall after removal

Bat Bites And Rabies

It’s rather rare that people get bit by bats, but the problem is that bat‬ bites aren’t always easily detected. Unfortunately, this year a Brantford‬ resident was bitten and is now seeking rabies shots. An Unnoticed Danger‪ Bat bites are a serious matter. Please seek a doctor as soon as possible if you feel you have […]

Jared Houlistong being interviewed by CTV news about bats

Searching for Pesky Bats In Brantford Ontario

It was a busy season this year for bats in Brant County and the areas from Cambridge to Kitchener. It was so busy that CTV decided to showcase a day on the job with Jared Houliston of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. so viewers can understand how common it is to find a colony of bats living […]

Bat flying out of chimney

Bat Warning Notice

In an effort to promote public health and well-being, Ontario Wildlife Removal would like to advise you of the following bat warning notice for the province of Ontario. The following information has been released to the public: We are currently seeing an increase in the incidence of bat rabies in Ontario and across Canada. A real […]

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