Mother raccoon retreiving her kits

Caught on Camera: Watch Mother Raccoon Relocating Her Babies After Removal

Raccoon mother with kitLast week we were at a home in Brantford Ontario doing a raccoon removal from underneath an aging add-on sun-porch. The raccoon mother and her kits were living underneath it.

Since the babies were born at this home, we can safely presume the family has been living there at least through the winter. The home owners were unaware the raccoons had been living in their attic until quite recently when they heard noises coming from above especially at night.

We were able to extract 5 babies plus the mother and while sealing up the sun porch we were happy to see that the mother raccoon was already relocating her babies from our proprietary wildlife baby warming-box.

When the home owner gave us a call, she indicated that she was hearing the sounds of baby raccoons underneath her backyard sub porch. The home owner has two kids that enjoy playing in the backyard so getting the raccoon babies and the mother removed quickly from her living space was of the utmost importance.

Watch the video below

For this removal job, we were only on site for a little over an hour and during that time the mother raccoon successfully relocated all 5 of her kits. Another happy ending!

Do you have raccoon babies in your attic?

If you think you may be harbouring raccoons in your attic, make sure by reading our top 10 signs raccoons are living in your attic. This checklist which will help you determine if you need raccoon removal or if your home is susceptible to intrusions. The quicker you discover you are harbouring wildlife like raccoons, mice and squirrels – the more money you’ll save from potential damages.

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  1. Marlene says:

    I have a mother and five babies in a tree can you relocate them for me please I have a new puppy and she watches from the tree and has come down to drink from the pond

    • Hi Marlene! If you live in the areas we serve we would be more than happy to help you with your raccoon problems but if not simply search for a humane wildlife specialist in your area. Thank you!

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