Bird Removal and Control Services

Bird Removal and Bird Proofing Services

If birds are living in your attic, along your roof-line or elsewhere in your home, your best bet was contacting Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. to get expert bird removal and proofing done. Managing a bird problem does involve a complex process that only seasoned wildlife technicians should be put in charge of. Birds are also protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act, so treating them humanely and paying special attention to their needs during the removal process is a matter of the law.

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When Bird Proofing and Removing Becomes Inevitable

Bird ControlBirds are one of the creatures that make a lot of noise wherever they live; their flickering wings and constant chatter make themselves easily known, but bird problems usually get worse as time passes by because most people think they are harmless – and they are – so home owners usually just ignore the problem thinking it’s going to go away on it’s own.

The problem is they usually don’t go away, and once they’ve found a place to live they rarely decide to leave unless their forced to or food in the area is scarce.

During the initial phase of their stay they usually go unnoticed for one or two seasons because their numbers are low. As time passes that changes, and after a few years, there could be quite a bit of accumulated damage and a sizeable increase in their numbers.

The Birds We Provide Removal Services For

We provide removal and proofing of virtually all species of birds in Ontario from pigeons, to blue jays, to sparrows and starlings, hawks, eagles, woodpeckers, and swallows. Birds like to build nests in your air-vents, along the roof-line, in attics, holes in the exterior, in the garage, in sheds, in the soffit, and in your chimney to name a few.

For those with bird problems, we provide a humane removal and proofing solution that is guaranteed to keep your home bird free with a 5 year 100% guarantee to prove it.

Our Bird Removal and Proofing Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for birds and other wildlife, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Birds Removed?

The following are some of the crucial reasons why it’s better to force birds from your home and back into their natural environment:

  • they end up making a big mess wherever they nest, i.e. in air vents, chimney, eavestrough
  • they can spread ectoparasites, fleas, lice, mites and ticks to humans and pets
  • they end up becoming a noise nuisance
  • they constantly bring unwanted debris in and out of your home
  • their existence can become a fire hazard due to the flammability of the debris they carry inside
  • they can destroy garden crops
  • their long term presence is associated with the growth of mold and fungus
  • bird dropping can spread a multitude of diseases which when come in contact with adults, children or pets can become fatal
  • the damage they cause can rise into the thousands of dollars if not rectified sooner than later

We don’t take part in bird trapping, baiting or killing them. We provide humane and procedural removal and proofing services in accordance with the law in Canada.

Our process involves a through inspection, the removal, and permanent bird proofing solution with a 5 year guarantee that your problems won’t recur in the future. Let our expert and seasoned technicians diagnose the problem for you, and implement a solution that won’t leave you hanging.

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