Wildlife exclusion installed on roof

Wildlife Exclusion & Entry Prevention Services

Wildlife prevention on roofAfter wildlife like raccoons, squirrels and mice have been removed from a home, wildlife exclusion must be installed to prevent future entries. Without exclusion, the chance of future animal break-ins is high, and can begin to be quite costly for home owners.

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How Wildlife Exclusion Works

Wildlife exclusion is an effective counter-measure to wildlife break-ins.

When applied to a home and roof, exclusion will substantially deter wildlife from breaking in again.

The procedure involves installing industrial strength materials that wildlife cannot penetrate or destroy and is applied before the animals have been are evicted from the home. This ensures they cannot break back in.

Wildlife Exclusion Guarantee

Wildlife exclusion usually comes with a guarantee that animals will not be able to enter the home for a long period of time.

We provide a 5 year full guarantee for the exclusion of mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, snakes, rats and in the rare event of a re-entry over the 5 year guarantee program, we will return and fix the problem free of charge.

Exclusion is a highly effective method for deterring wildlife but their effectiveness cannot be guaranteed for a lifetime.

Areas of the Home Exclusion Methods are Installed

Animal exclusion fence on roof ventWildlife exclusion screening and supplies can be installed virtually anywhere on a home that is susceptible to animal entries. The most common areas to install exclusion products on a home are as follows:

  • on the chimney
  • on roof vents
  • on air vents
  • the base of the deck
  • in weeping brick
  • eavestrough and roof line
  • roof soffit intersection
  • gable vents
  • air conditioner/hydro fittings

When the above areas are left vulnerable, it makes it easier for wild animals to break-in and build their nesting-area. This is generally where expensive damage is done to the home.

When exclusion fencing is installed, you can have a better sense of security knowing your home is now animal resistant.

How Much Does Wildlife Exclusion Cost?

The needs of each exclusion job will be different. An estimate would include a number of factors. These factors include how many zones of the house need to be protected and which animals are being targeted.

There are various entry-control methods available with each method requiring different types of products, bonds and fencing which are based on the strength and habits of animal in question.

In order to obtain an accurate quote for exclusion, simply visit our quote page to get started.

Wildlife Exclusion vs Trapping, Poisons and Extermination

Applying wildlife exclusion is the most humane, permanent and effective method of keeping wildlife out of a home instead of trapping and poisons.

By applying proper exclusion methods, we are able to keep babies with their mother while simultaneously providing our customers with a permanent and humane fix without traps and poisons. If a home is not properly sealed, the animals can continue to gain access into the home.

In the long run, exclusion is much less costly than trapping and poisons because it prevents recurring intrusions and forces wildlife to find other locations to build their nests.

Exclusion is a long term solution for wildlife and pest prevention, and it doesn’t require the homeowner to constantly check for break-ins and infestations.

Products We Use For Exclusion

The products we use for wildlife prevention include, but are not limited

  • metal fencing/wire meshing
  • special grade caulking
  • wood, metal and shingles

We don’t use traps, poisons or spray foam to fix wildlife issues because these products are temporary and let simply don’t work.

Repairs and Restorations

We provide attic restoration services, and minor repairs to damage such as changing damage roof vents and wall vents.

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