Bat Removal and Control Services

Bat Removal Services

If you have a few bats or a bat colony living in your attic, your number one priority is to get the removal process started as quickly as possible. By contacting Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. you’ve made a wise decision in choosing a removal company because there are strict guidelines, procedures and laws pertaining to the humane treatment and preservation when removing bats –  experience that only a qualified pest control company should be put in charge of handling.

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Bat colony in a home atticWhen Bats Get Into Your Attic

Unlike squirrels and other larger species of wildlife, bats usually reside in an attic undetected by home owners for great lengths of time. Their nocturnal behaviours and hibernation schedules ensure bats are rarely seen.

A very small and sometimes inconceivable hole in your wall or roof can allow bats to gain entry. Plus they’re fairly quiet when flying about so if you’re not looking form them, you’ll rarely see them approaching your roof, and getting into your attic.

Once they’re in your attic, they don’t ever collide with one another, but instead they quietly land on a particular perch and rest. They’re not easy to detect. But if you’ve seen a bat flying in and out of your attic, or encountered one in your living room or kitchen, consider yourself lucky that you’ve been put on notice that a colony is living in your midst.

Your only option now is to call a fully experienced and humane bat colony removal company and begin the process of extracting those bats before your entire attic is destroyed. Bat populations start out small but depending on the number of years present, if left alone their population will double in size each year.

Our Bat Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for bats and other wildlife, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Bats Removed?

If bats have colonized your attic, you need to take control now because:

  • they pose serious health risks to all family members especially including pets
  • they cause more than 75% of human rabies cases in Ontario
  • they carry other deadly bacteria that have latched onto them into your home
  • they carry diseases like Capsulatum, Histoplasma, bat bugs, ticks and flees
  • when they have diseases like White Nose syndrome, and they come into contact with humans, it increases the risk of other disease transmissions
  • their droppings, also known as bat guano can cause histoplasmosis in humans and pets
  • they will fill up your attic with bat droppings and urine and cause the area to become highly contaminated and dangerous to be around
  • they force you to deal with restoration services in order to completely de-sanitize from disease, the areas they lived in.

Bat guano on window ledgeIf your home has been colonized, you can safely say that you’ll probably avoid being bit by a bat but there is a chance. The one thing you can’t avoid is the real likelihood that you’re attic has become quite contaminated with guano, urine and other waste so it’s clear you’re only option at this point is to arrange an inspection and begin the eviction process.

Bats are indeed an integral part of the environment. They feed on some of the most common and despised insects like flies, mosquitoes, wasps, beetles, moths, gnats, mayflies, dragonflies, and of course depending on their species, they eat the blood of other mammals.

As you can see their presence in the eco-system is vitally important, and following the law as set out by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act of Canada when it comes to removing and controlling their colonies is of the utmost importance.

The species of bats that mostly colonize Ontario attics are:

  • brown bat
  • big brown bat
  • red bat
  • hoary bat
  • Eastern small-footed bat
  • silver-haired bat
  • Eastern pipistrelle
  • Northern long-eared myotis

When it comes to removing any of the above bat species from your attic, the time of the year has to be taken into consideration. Bat colonies cannot be disturbed outside of the mid-summer season when babies are a few months old and begin fending for themselves as they regroup after dispersal, and while prevention measures are being implemented.

Our experienced bat removal technicians will thoroughly identify the entry points, the size of colony and convey to you the steps required in order to get your bat problem under control permanently and absolutely humanely.

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