Opossum Removal and Control Services

Opossum Removal Services

If there’s an opossum tearing up your garden, burrowed its way under your foundation or is in your attic, it was wise of you to decide to contact Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. as your removal services. Opossum problems usually aren’t as extensive as problems arising from wildlife like squirrels or raccoons, but they still pose enough of a problem that they should be handled by a humane pest control specialist in order to remove the problem permanently.

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When Opossums Infiltrate Your Yard, Foundation or Attic

Opossum in a back yardThe opossum, which is the largest marsupial species in the western hemisphere, is often found taking up residence in abandoned den sites in homes which have been previously dug out by other wildlife. They are usually found under sheds, decks, and lifted structures and occasionally living in attics.

They usually put very little effort into creating their own den and generally will remain there as long as the local food supply is available or they aren’t forcefully removed.

Their presence can equal property damage or the build up of debris and bacteria if they’re carrying any. They rarely do, but sometimes they live in people’s attics after having gained entry through an existing animal entry point.

The existence of an opossum in or around your home is usually an indication that either a. you have multiple wildlife issues to deal with, and/or b. that there is definitely an existing entry point to your home which should have wildlife prevention methods applied to negate future entries by other animals.

Our Opossum Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for opossums and other wildlife, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Opossums Removed?

Opossum with babiesIf opossums are living on your property or in your attic, it’s important to have them removed because:

  • Opossums tend to have large litters, up to 13 babies which can increase your problems exponentially
  • they can come into contact with young children and pets and cause injury
  • they can and usually do exceptionally mess up a yard, and gather plenty of rubbish into their den site
  • they can left up sod on a day to day basis seeking food and other grubs
  • if they live in your attic they can easily spread contamination and bacteria through their feces droppings and urination
  • their urine and feces can start to seep through your ceilings
  • Opossums can carry fleas, which can transferred to household pets

Opossums tend to have large litters, up to 13 babies. Being a marsupial species these babies need to find their way to their mother’s pouch at only a few weeks old, where they will be weaned off the mother’s milk after 3-4 months.

The mortality rate is often high and life span is short, only 2-4 years. Because they are omnivores and have such large litters, they will take advantage of local food sources, typically being human food waste (garbage containers) and even pet food.

As a part of our removal and prevention process, our experienced and humane opossum removal technicians will thoroughly identify all entry points and explain to you the steps required in order to get your opossum problem permanently under control.

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