Squirrel Removal and Control Services

Squirrel Removal Services

If you have squirrels living in your attic, the good news is that you’ve decided to contact Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. for a removal process. Like raccoons, squirrels can wreak havoc when they nest in attics and if you don’t stop them with the right materials, they’ll resiliently break in again. A truly effective squirrel removal and prevention job is better done by experienced professionals.

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When Squirrels Get Into Your Attic

Attic squirrels on roofSquirrels move quite fast, and they’re bigger than mice and bats so they’re usually detected quite early after they move into your attic or chimney. The problem with squirrels is that people generally mistaken them for birds or simply ignore them, thinking they’ll go away.

They usually don’t go away and they tend to make a big mess in your attic, and, because of their size, when they go sniffing about behind your walls, they get into places they shouldn’t. A good portion of the calls we get are from home owners who have a squirrel stuck behind the walls and needs removal.

Like raccoons, squirrels are a species that can cause a lot of damage to a home – insulation, electrical system, wood beams – and they not only let themselves in, but their entry points easily lead the way for other wildlife to enter. Squirrels can squeeze through small holes and cracks, and if they can into a home through one, so can mice, bats, skunks, rats, and sometimes even raccoons. It’s not uncommon for a home owner to discover they’ve been harbouring more than one species of wildlife.

The longer you wait to take control of your squirrel issue, the higher the chance you’ll be paying more out of your pocket. We provide squirrel removal services and guaranteed wildlife prevention services to Brant County and we’re here to end your wildlife issues and prevent them from happening again.

Our Squirrel Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for squirrels and other wildlife, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact with us for a quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Squirrels Removed?

If squirrels have broken into your attic, quickly removing them is your best option because:

  • squirrels are notorious for chewing electrical wires, and at times straight through important supporting beams and so forth
  • chewing through electrical wires can cause fire damage
  • they carry quite a bit of rubbish into their nest in your chimney or attic which could be disease ridden or full of gnats, ticks and flees—pass what’s called “tick fever” to humans
  • they urinate and defecate all over your attic which develops into a terrible odour and can cause damage to your ceilings
  • squirrel feces can spread Salmonella and transmit rabies if humans or pets are bit
  • they usually cause severe damage to attic insulation, substantially reducing it’s R value and causing you to require an insulation top-up

Because squirrels are so adamant about breaking back into a home we provide entry prevention measures by installing drip-edge along your roof-line which is the strongest deterrent you’re going to find for not only preventing squirrels from getting in, but for stopping all the other species of wildlife too. Installing drip edge is a part of why we can offer a 100% guarantee for up to 5 years that wildlife won’t be able to re-enter your attic.

As a part of our process, our experienced and humane squirrel removal technicians will thoroughly identify the entry points, how many there are and explain to you the steps required in order to get your squirrel problem permanently under control.

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