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If you have found a dead animal in your walls, attic, under your deck or anywhere else in your home or business property, contacting Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. was a good decision. Because dead animals can pose serious health risks, spread disease and bacteria, and are a sign that wildlife can gain entry to your home, it’s wise to get professional wildlife removal technicians to do the job safely.

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When You’ve Encountered a Dead Animal in Your Home

Home and business owners are sometimes only made aware of the presence of dead wildlife within the structure of their property after they smell the distinct odour of a dead animal which gets worse with each passing day.

Besides the problems with the potential diseases that dead animals can transmit, they do indicate a serious underlying problem with wildlife already being able to access your home. The fact that they’ve been found dead in your home, indicates that at some point it in the past they broke in, or were able to enter because of an existing entry point created by another animal.

The chances of finding another dead animal in the future are probably quite low but because there are obvious existing entry points on your home, you’ll probably end up harbouring another species of wildlife or already have an existing infestation.

At this point it becomes clear that a dead animal issue is not the only problem you’re facing. The only way to prevent future deaths, and future wildlife intrusions, is by a full home inspection for all existing entry points, for the existence of other wildlife species and the implementation of entry prevention methods.

Our Dead Animal Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for dead animals and other wildlife issues, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a quote based on your current issues.

Should I remove the dead animal myself?

It all depends. If you’re able to easily see the animal, and can 100% ensure there’s no chance of spreading contamination you can use a few plastic bags covered over your hands and place it into another double bagged bag. From there close the bag tightly and place it in the garbage outside.

Note: the length of time the animal has been dead can affect the outcome and strategy for removing it.

Wildlife that has recently died (within an hour or so) are the safest and easiest to remove yourself because there’s usually minimal contamination and bugs and ticks haven’t found it yet.

Wildlife that has been dead for a few hours or more may be infested with insects and ticks of which if you’re not careful, can jump off the carcass once the animal is move or lifted, and run elsewhere in your home.

If the carcass has been there for many months or years, insects, ticks and flees have already done their work so removing it should be safe, but in all cases there’s still the existing threat of contamination due to the release of bodily fluids and so forth.

It will always be advised by Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. to opt in for a full home inspection to check for existing infestations and entry points, and to set up entry prevention methods so other forms of wildlife cannot enter.

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