Mice and Rat Removal and Control Services

Mice Removal Services

If you have a problem with mice in your attic or the walls, contacting Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. was the best thing you’ve done so far. Once mice, rats and other small pests are harbouring in your attic, it’s only a matter of time before they cause thousands in damage. Having mice removed by a professional pest and mice control company, and prevented from entering again, is your best option at this point. We are the company that will humanely remove mice from your home, secure it from future mice entries, and we clean up the mess they’ve left behind.

We provide residential mice removal and mouse control for homes, attics, townhouses, walls and basements – when you’ve got a mouse in your wall, you know who to call!

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When Mice, Rodents and Rats Get Into Your Attic or Basement

mouse found in atticUnlike larger wildlife, mice and rats don’t always need to chew through parts of a home to get into an attic. Because of their generally small size and flexibility, they can like bats, squeeze into small cracks and crevices and live in your home unknown for quite some time, many years even.

Because of this fact, we always advise people we encounter to preemptively get on board for mice and rat preventative measures in order to deter pests and small rodents from getting into your home in the first place at any time in the future.

Most homes are susceptible to mice entries as soon as you move in, so mouse prevention is the only way to ensure a future problem won’t arise.

We are mice removal and rat control experts serving Brant County. We provide a 100% guarantee that pests will not get back into your attic and we employ only humane removal techniques to ensure mice and their babies are safe and always reunited.

Our Mice Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our residential removal and inspection process for mice, rats and small pests, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a fast quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Mice and Rats Removed?

If mice or rats have infiltrated your attic, you need to take control because they:

  • pose serious health risks to all family members especially including pets
  • carry various parasites such as bovine tuberculosis, E. coli, and Hantavirus to name a few
  • pass parasites through their stool and urine to various areas of the home
  • get into food containers and food storage areas of the home leaving behind their resin
  • negatively affect young children with respiratory issues
  • create large amounts of damage to various parts of the home including the home’s structure, attic insulation and the electrical system
  • they create enough damage that enables other forms of large wildlife to gain entry

It’s rare that you’ll encounter mice or rats in your home because they’re quite afraid of humans and will scurry away once they sense your presence. In the odd case that you do see one, or if they are running rampant through your kitchen or basement, you can expect a colony to have taken over your attic, basement and/or walls.

That doesn’t mean that occasionally seeing only one or two mice isn’t a sign of an infestation. If you see one mice or rat, it usually means an infestation problem exists and that they’ve made your attic into their home.

The bottom line is, consider yourself lucky that you’ve seen one of these critters because they’ve inadvertently allowed you to know of their presence which now means, you urgently need mice removal services at your home.

If you encounter rates or mice, don’t be too friendly with them. Scaring a mouse could result in injury or a deadly disease. Also, if you see one that doesn’t seem to be afraid or isn’t moving too much, it’s become sick or injured. This is just a simple indications you’ve got a mouse problem and need to call Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. right away.

When it comes to mice problems we advise strongly that you don’t wait another day before take action. Each day you wait, is a day you’ll lose money, damage and contamination of your home will get worse and the mice population problem in your attic will only increase.

It’s a troubling thought but it’s a common problem and we’ll guide you through it and be with you through the whole process until it’s resolved – it doesn’t take long.

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Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. provides pest, mice and rat removal services within Brant County including; Brantford, Paris, St. George, Woodstock, Tilsonburg, Princeton, Simcoe, Port Dover, Caledonia, and 6 Nations. Our pest methods are safe, humane and environmentally friendly. Call today to book your inspection. Read our removal process here.