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Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
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 49 reviews
by Dave Taylor on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Very Professional Mouse Proofing My House

Fast and efficient, very professional mouse proofing my house. Deck boards had to be lifted and replaced to set mouse barriers. Nice clean job putting everything back in place. Would highly recommend to anyone.

by Anne and Doug on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Honouring Warranty! We Would Recommend This Company Highly!

After almost 7 years since the initial work was completed, we had problems with mice again and called for help. The same day, Kevin arrived and was able to find where the problem was and showed us and fixed it for us. Although the warranty had expired he completed this service free of charge. He was very professional and courteous and got the job done. Thank you so much! We would recommend this company highly!

by Jason on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Fast, Friendly, And Effective

The quote, work and follow up were friendly and effective. No more unwanted guests.

by Nancy Hick on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Excellent Company! I Would Recommend Them To Anyone

We had to use Ontario Wildlife Removal a couple of years ago when a large animal was trying to make his home under ours. The people who came were prompt, professional and very, very good at their jobs. This year we have had a different problem but when called Christine made arrangements for people to come. Again, very prompt, professional and very thorough. I can’t say enough about every person in the company that I have had contact with. I would recommend them to anyone who has a problem with the outdoors trying to come indoors.

by Linda McKellar on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Other Services Hung Up!

When I called a "reputable" service (that advertised itself as the best in the province) to remove bats from a log house with a steel roof they said "Won't touch it" and hung up. How helpful! Ontario Wildlife Removal admitted it would be complicated but coordinated with the roofing company and did the deed. They were thorough, sealed possible entry areas, installed one way doors, left everything clean and tidy, and they gave us a transferable guarantee. They were professional and courteous. I know these critters are beneficial but they needed to find new homes. Fortunately, no sasquatch problems thus far!

by Dennis Boniface on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
I Would Like To Thank Ontario Wildlife Removal For Such A Quick And Positive Response

I would like to thank Ontario Wildlife Removal for such a quick and positive response. Middle of the night noise, a quick email request and a call from Christine started the process. Inspection and an appointment was booked and within 3 days the raccoon one-way door was in place. We are pleased with the results.

by Rhonda Reimer on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Highly Recommended To Anyone!

Fast and efficient, very professional and knowledgeable with bat removal from our attic! Highly recommended to anyone!

by Cathy Damji on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
My Heroes Once Again

Ontario Wildlife Removal fixed our problem with squirrels. Our neighbour noticed afterward that a squirrel was not happy with the work Ontario Wildlife did so they attacked our shingles around the fireplace entry. I called Christine and she sent someone within 2 hours. Although it wasn't really his problem, the gentleman who came fixed the shingling, did not charge me and was on his way. I was happy to have a sign put on my law as I would call this company in a heart beat. Thank you Ontario Wildlife Removal

by Lisa Caissie on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
We Were Very Happy With The Prompt Service We Had

We were very happy with the prompt service we had from your technicians. They were very thorough in explaining what they had to do before their work and after. They got rid of the problem for us and we are very thankful. We will always use your services in the future.

by Carolyn Pawley on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
I’ve Already Recommended Them To The Neighbours

Great service. They arrived on time and were very pleasant to deal with. I’ve already recommended them to the neighbours (which is how we found out about them)

by Anne Lesnick on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
The Service Was Beyond Exceptional

I heard noises in the attic so called a local company but had no luck solving the problem. Got Jared's number and recommendation through a friend. They came to assess the problem within 3 hours of my call and removed the raccoon mother and 4 babies. They then gave me a quote for the clean up and removal of the existing insulation and feces, spraying and new insulation. They always came whenever they said they would be there. Existing insulation was removed and cleaned up, new insulation was installed and everything was cleaned up and handled very professionally. The service was beyond exceptional. Everything about this company is A1. I would certainly recommend them because of their excellent service and reasonable rates.

by Astron Specialty Metals on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Problem Solved. Excellent Work!

We discovered a family of squirrels in the insulation under our roof. Jared came the next day to determine a solution. He took pictures to show us the 4 entry areas the squirrels had made for themselves. He told us the young squirrels had already left the nest, so it was safe to block their return. The next day he came back and installed 4 one-way doors. Problem solved. Excellent work!

by fizal on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
The Work Was Done Very Professionally

Excellent services by the on-site crew, office staff and Mr. President Owner. The work was done very professionally, and the clean up and subsequent return for inspection were very timely, very neat, and I am very satisfied with all of the staff at Ontario Wildlife Removal. I highly recommend this company for your Pest Control Requirements. Many thanks to all the great staff at Ontario Wildlife Removal.

by Cathy Damji on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Squirrel Problems Quickly Cleared

I was having suspicious sounds coming from my fireplace. Called in Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc for an estimate. Checked another just to compare". Price was double what I was quoted with Ontario Wildlife Removal. The morning of the work, a charming George was at my door ready to remove any squirrels and place appropriate covers on our vents. Work was carried out quickly, neatly, and with great care. Before I knew it they were finished. No problems since that day with squirrels in any part of the house. Thank you to Christine for her prompt response to my initial call and to everyone he did the work. Would call them again, anytime.

by Roger Anderson on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
More Than Satisfied

A great job at a fair price. They got here the morning after I called and the worker did a great job . More than satisfied. Thanks

by E cuffolo on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Great Job

Great job of removing racoon and babies and keeping them out.

by Claudia Hotham on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Excellent Service

Thanks so much for doing a great through job making sure the raccoons were gone safely and ensuring our roof/chimney was secured so they could no longer gain access. Staff was very pleasant and easy to deal with. It is nice dealing with a company who truly cares!

by Kim Lysenko on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Very Happy!

Ontario Wildfire Removal did a wonderful job solving my mouse problem. Very quick upon initial phone call and subsequent visit was speedy as well. Problem solved. Christine in the office was efficient and supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend the services and great people of this company.

by Peter Sutherland on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Friendly, Efficient Service

Very pleased with the work to protect our home from squirrels.

by Debra Clutterbuck on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Thank You For Your Professionalism And Manner

Thank you for your professionalism and manner in which you got my mice out. It is so refreshing to know there are people like you to do this kind of thing because there was no way I was sticking my head in that attic!!

by Tracy Van Kruistum on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Professional And Very Courteous Towards The Animals

Jared responded quickly to our mama and baby skunks living under our old shed. We were tearing it down and discovered them. He responded quickly and was professional and very courteous towards the animals’ well being. Highly recommended!

by Connie on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
We Were Pleased With The Service And Results

We were pleased with the service and results of getting the squirrel out of our home. They did have a trap issue (the squirrel was too light to trigger the trap), but when Jared was made aware of the situation he was there with more traps and in short order the squirrel was caught. In spite of the busy weekend for Jared (he was getting married and there was an ice storm) he made sure we were taken care of. I have to say that Christine was very professional, helpful and informative in ensuring ours calls were received by Jared and crew. I am sure she sensed how anxious we were as this is something we have never had to deal with before. Thank you to Kevin for capping the chimney to prevent other wildlife visitors and for delivering the first baby squirrel to be taken for care and treatment. Jared thank you for working with other animal care professionals - SPCA, the Jarvis Wildlife Rescue and to Julie who came during the storm to rescue the other baby squirrel. A job well done by all with respect and care for the animals involved.

by Angie on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Extremely Impressed With Their Quick Response And Passion

Last week 5 baby raccoons were born in our chimney. The amazing team from Ontario Wildlife Removal were on site to remove Momma and the babies. Extremely impressed with their quick response and passion toward the well being of momma and babies..not to mention their excitement of seeing the first baby raccoons of 2018. A great team of guys clearly loving what they do. I highly recommend Jared and his team at Ontario Wildlife Removal. You won't be disappointed!!

by Sandi on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Exceeded My Expectations By 200%

Unbelievable service. Kevin is a fantastic worker. Exceeded my expectations by 200%. I highly recommend this company. The relief I feel for never having to worry about raccoons, squirrels, mice etc. again is phenomenal. Thanks Christine! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

by Jay Lesky on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
He Is Literally A Modern Day Crocodile Hunter

Got phone calls a Raccoon got into our display window in our office on the Main Street in Paris, Jared was there within 15 minutes and safely removed the raccoon in front of a large crowd of parents and kids on March break, was great with the kids educating them on the process!!! He is literally a modern day crocodile hunter, Steve would be proud!!!! Amazing work

by Victor Dupree on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
We Were Very Pleased With The Five Year Guarantee

We had a raccoon in the attic and Christine sent Nick and Alex to investigate. They were thorough and professional, even making sure the driveway was clear of debris. They left a door for the raccoon to leave and returned a few days later to complete the job. We were very pleased with the five year guarantee and hope our four legged friend finds a new home.

by Thelma Wilkinson on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Speedy Animal Removal Service

We appreciate the speedy call back and service. Traps were set and squirrels were quickly evacuated. We are very satisfied and hope not to need them again but my family and I highly recommend OWR any day.

by Heather on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Fast And Determined Service

Very pleased with Ontario Wildlife Removal's efforts to control a pesky mice problem humanely with traps to prevent re-entry. They take their jobs seriously and return promptly and repeatedly if a problem returns. Hoping mice have finally found a new home!

by Sarah Granskou on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Excellent Service And Communication

We have had bats successfully and safely removed from our home for a reasonable cost. We are also having a necessary attic reno done. The communication has been excellent. This company takes the time to realistically explain while keeping things in perspective and without using scare tactics. My concerns are important to them. They also take initiative on tackling challenges in a timely manner.

by Madeleine on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
How Professional, Timely And Efficient Ontario Wildlife Is

I'm just writing to say how professional, timely and efficient Ontario Wildlife is. I had a skunk issue being a mother and it's two kittens were trapped in my backyard. I called Ontario Wildlife, not only did Jared fix the problem in a timely manner he was so ever careful to not hurt or threaten these animals! The level of professionalism and care that Jared had is rare and I would definitely recommend him in a second!! Thanks again Ontario Wildlife!!

by Frank Gay on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Great service!

Called late Saturday night and someone was here first thing Monday morning. Great service.

by Jodie schoenfeldt on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Excellent Courteous Service

Excellent courteous service that worked perfectly the first time. Highly recommended.

by B Smith on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Big Thanks To Jared And His Caring And Compassionate Staff

Amazing service provided by the gang at Ontario Wildlife Removal. As an employee of Antler Services, and given the long term relationship between our organizations, it was only natural that I call Jared's company when we discovered a squirrel in distress. On Sunday we noticed a squirrel with a zip tie around it's neck, after numerous attempts to get close enough to the squirrel to cut the zip tie off, we finally decided that this is a job best done by a professional. We contacted Ontario Wildlife and they responded rapidly. They arrived today at 4pm, after a call earlier in the day, they set some traps, and by 4:30, the squirrel was humanly caught in the trap, they successfully removed the zip tie from his neck with no harm to him, and released him to run with his furry friends. It was so nice to have a happy ending and I would strongly recommend Ontario Wildlife for any and all live captures of our wild animal friends. Big thanks to Jared and his caring and compassionate staff.

by Lana G on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
They Always Came Back To Double Check

Excellent job! They always came back to double check to make sure the pests were gone. Thank you for being so efficient.

by Brent Johnston on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Great Reliable Service Wow

I called Ontario Wildlife Removal for a mouse problem and they arrived the next day and accessed our problem. They quickly showed the entry areas and the scope of work if was going to do to seal up the home permanently while allowing the safe eviction of the bats. Great work. Bats are gone and the house is permanently sealed. Finally NO MORE BATS.

Thank you Jared and team. What a great job.

by Andrea on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Caring And Thorough

I'm a single mother in a semi detached home. A friend told me to call Ontario Wildlife Removal when I discovered Mama squirrel and her babies were living above my kitchen. Jared was at my home within an hour. He was very kind and reassuring that he'd look after things and even spoke to my attached neighbours for me as I had only just moved in and didn't know them yet. Once the one way door was put up I noticed Mama was stressed on one side, without her babies. Called Jared and he was right over with a coworker. They spent time observing the squirrel's activity before making a decision everyone felt good about. Mama got to be with her babies and not in my roof! Highly recommend this company!! Thank you guys!!

by Jenn Dancetovic on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
We Haven't Had Any Issues Since

We found evidence of having mice in the house and then I could hear something in the walls. I called Jared at Ontario Wildlife Removal and he came out the same day. He showed my husband and I a few of the different spots that they were getting in. We hired Jared and his team to mouse-proof the house. They were very professional and knowledgeable. We haven't had any issues since they came out. I highly recommend Ontario Wildlife Removal for any problems you have, big or small!

by Sarah Copoc on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
I Would Recommend Them To Anyone

These guys are great. They were fast, courteous and friendly, a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone requiring a wildlife removal service. They always get the job done.

by Layne on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Five Star Service

Thanks for all your help, guys! You were incredibly personable, efficient and great at what you do! We recommend you to all our friends and family!

by Darren G on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Amazing Mouse Proofing

Jared and his crew came out shortly after we bought a new home, and the home inspector had found evidence of mouse droppings in the attic. They came and mouse proofed the exterior of the home and gave us a guarantee for a few years saying they won't be back! Quite a bit of work went into it, and a humane way as well... not some guy that came in, dropped poison pellets in 30 min and gave us a huge bill for not much work. Would highly recommend to anyone.

by Frank and Nancy on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Quick And Simple Solution

Recently,my wife and I had an uninvited guest. Late one evening,we heard some disturbing noises in our garage. Upon investigating in the morning, I discovered quite a mess and footprints indicting our visitor was a raccoon. Very disturbing considering the recent scare with rabies. When I began the search for help to resolve the problem, Ontario Wildlife Removal was the only one willing and able to send out a tech. ASAP. He found the visitor was sound asleep in our garage attic. His solution was both simple and effective and I might add very agreeable to us and the critter. He had"Left The Building" by the morning. Happy travels raccoon and you are not welcome to return.
Thank You Ontario Wildlife

by Ryan Nelson on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
They Were The Only Ones Willing To Do Anything At All

So from what I'm told having a squirrel I'm your car is a bad thing. But having one get it self stuck in your dashboard something else. This happened to me this past Friday. I called 4 pest removal companies just to be told they couldn't do anything. All pointing me to a garage to help. After calling 4 garages and none of them willing to help. i got ahold of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. and needless to say they were shocked that a squirrel was in my dash board. They not only helped, me they came out to me ASAP. They were the only ones willing to do anything at all. Needless to say I now have my car back thanks to them.

by Mary on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Great Job

Ontario Wildlife Removal came by today and was able to quickly determine the best solutions for both a chipmunk and mouse problem. Very professional and knowledgeable! Highly recommended.

by Anne Minnery on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Humane Squirrel Removal

Ontario Wildlife Removal humanely got rid of my squirrel problem in my garage roof and secured the house roof from squirrels, birds and other critters. Fast, reliable and humane animal removal. I have no hesitation in recommending them for your outdoor critter needs.

by Nadine on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Squirrel Removal

When I had an issue of squirrels that took up residence in my attic I contacted Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. They were extremely prompt and very professional in locating where they were getting in and they proceeded to evict them without harm as well as doing the necessary preventative maintenance to my home to insure they didn't return. I highly recommend Jared and his team should you need to employ professionals to solve your wildlife problems. Great job Jared!

by Pat P. on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
A Free-Loading Raccoon

Thanks to Ontario Wildlife Removal we got rid of the pesky raccoon that had taken up residence in our attic. He got it out and went into the attic to check for damage and any mess that may have been left. Jared wired things up so we won't have any more visitors in our home that don't belong. Thanks Ontario Wildlife Removal.

by Samantha Lynn P. on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
A Job Done Right!

Jared and his boys are amazing! They cleared out the bats and my old house and took care of the chipmunks in my new house! Great guy, amazing work, and always with a smile even when battling a rose bush to do the job! Recommend these guys over any other wildlife crew out there. I know that once removed the animals are taken care of properly.

by Annette M. on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
A Squirrel Intruder

I had a squirrel in my kitchen wall and it eventually was running around in my apartment. Jared came in and found the hole that it was allowing it to come in. Then he put a wire cage over the hole on the outside, this way the squirrel could get out but it sure was not coming back for a visit. It didn't take that long and I was so grateful.

by Kari W. on Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.
Thank You To Ontario Wildlife Removal

Jared and his team were fabulous! He helped to humanely 'bat-proof' our house. Jared was on the scene the same day we called and his work was thorough, effective and even looked great. We are were thrilled at how clean and tidy they left our house, and they even took the time to make sure they didn't disrupt or disturb our gardens surrounding our home. Thank you to Ontario Wildlife Removal, hopefully we won't need your services again, but if nature comes knocking, we'll call Jared!