About Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc.

About Ontario Wildlife Removal

Pest Removal Tech Jared HoulistonOntario Wildlife Removal Inc. is owned by seasoned wildlife specialist Jared Houliston. Jared has been refining his skills in the humane wildlife removal industry for over 20 years. He’s worked with, and built some of the largest and most successful removal companies in Southern Ontario and even the United States.

Because Jared loves his city Brantford Ontario, he decided in early 2016 to gear up in his town, create new jobs and provide a unique pest control service that has quickly grown to be second to none.

Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. is primarily a local pest control company that services Brant County, Paris, St. George, Woodstock, Tilsonburg, Princeton, Simcoe, Port Dover, Caledonia, and Six Nations.

Our Mission is to Satisfy Our Customers

We believe in our work so much that we offer a 5 to 10 year guarantee on our services. With our mission being to 100% satisfy our customers, we do whatever it takes to ensure our work is up to par and raises the bar in customers expectations in pest control.

Our mission is to also spread the word about the humane handling of all wildlife issues because we believe animals should be treated kindly, and with respect, and because it’s the law. Our hopes are that customers will choose a humane pest control company and understand that we have to share the environment with all living creatures.

We promote safety especially considering when dealing with wildlife in a home there are quite a few factors that could put families and animals at risk. With that in mind we’re always analyzing and bettering our process so as ensure all parties involved in the removal and prevention process remain safe; and that our work is done in accordance with the law.

Choosing Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. is not only going to give you the biggest bang for your dollar but it will also give you peace of mind knowing your home is guaranteed to be safe from future intrusions.