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Experts in Mice, Bat, Raccoon & Squirrel Removal

For urgent pest or wildlife problems call Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. now at 226-802-9453 and we'll get out to your property and resolve your animal intrusion issues fast!

Pest Removal TechWelcome to Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc., a professional pest control and wildlife removal company with more than 18 years of industry experience. We are based in Brantford, Ontario and provide Wildlife Removal, Pest Control, Wildlife Exclusion, and Restoration Services throughout Brant County and it's surrounding areas.

If you've got some form of wildlife in your attic, or pests ruining the inside or outside of your home; you want to hire a company that deals with wildlife humanely, and will ensure animals are permanently excluded from re-entering.

Pest Removal Tech

We provide:

  • Mice Removal and Residential Pest Control
  • Bat Removal Services
  • Raccoon Removal Services
  • Squirrel Removal Services
  • Skunk Removal Services
  • Bird Control and Removal
  • Snake Removal Services
  • Opossum Removal Services
  • Dead Animal Removal Services
  • Attic Repair Restoration Services

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Your Humane Wildlife & Pest Eviction Specialist

Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. uses strictly humane practices to permanently remove and exclude wildlife from homes and buildings. While performing the duties of wildlife removal from your home, our techniques ensure the structural and cosmetic integrity of your home remains intact.

Our methods are permanent, proven and guaranteed and the wildlife adults and babies always remain together post-eviction.

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