Attic Restoration and Wildlife Damage Repairs

Attic Restoration Services

Attic restoration is usually needed following the removal of a wild animal from your home. Generally speaking an animal will cause attic insulation damage by moving about in the attic while also leaving urine and fecal deposits in various places. Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. humanely removes wildlife and pests from homes and attics, and we also provide expert attic restoration services that help get your attic back to it’s original state or better – fully restored and contamination free.

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Do I need attic restoration?

If wildlife were at one time harbouring in your attic (this includes bats, raccoons, mice and squirrels), it’s not going to be surprising to find damage and contamination. Wildlife that have created a den site or nest in your attic usually damage your attic in various ways.

They chew through electrical wires, bring outside food into your attic, chew through wooden frames and trusses, create large and small holes in frames; they also bring in fleas, ticks and mites with them, and most importantly they tend to destroy attic insulation.

When the value of your attic insulation has been deteriorated, other areas of your home eventually become affected as well. Higher energy bills, and ventilation problems will cause mold growth in your attic.

These issues occur because the R Value in your insulation has substantially changed – possibly causing a moisture build up and mold-growth in your attic. These issues can also contribute to significant heat loss during the winter season, and higher energy bills for air-conditioning during the summer.

Mouse holds in attic insulationThe higher the R-value of your attic’s insulation the more effective it is at doing it’s job. Attic insulation is one of the primary areas of an attic that’s affected after wildlife intrusions.

What are the signs I need new attic insulation?

When the insulation in your attic is destroyed or contaminated it’s highly important to seek restoration services. If you want to find out for yourself whether your attic needs repair the following are signs you can look out for:

  1. lots of moisture in various places of your attic where there shouldn’t be
  2. mold in various places of your attic due to excess moisture
  3. wildlife feces in various places of your attic
  4. holes in your attic insulation caused by burrowing wildlife like mice
  5. seeing the wooden floor structure in your attic not covered by insulation
  6. you can sense ventilation issues stemming from your attic
  7. leaks from your attic coming into your home
  8. yellow urine stains on ceilings from leaks
  9. having an older home that’s never been updated to today’s codes of insulation standards
  10. areas of your roof without snow in the winter (insulation upgrade needed)
  11. overly expensive heating and/or cooling bills
  12. build up of ice damning – buildup of ice in eavestroughs in winter time

Moisture damage alone can be a real threat to your home’s general safety. Moisture damage through leaks can severely compromise the structural integrity of your home. It’s not a common problem but if left long enough, parts of an attic can start falling apart and leaking water into various parts of your home as well as causing dangerous electrical issues.

Those are just a few signs, but an expert in attic restoration and decontamination will be able to make a more accurate assessment of your problem.

Attic decontamination

Wildlife technicians inspecting attic insulationAttic decontamination is generally needed when wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, mice and bats have invaded your attic and left behind their mess.

As a part of our attic restoration services, we decontaminate the entire attic from left over bacteria from animals and ensure your attic is safe for use.

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