Patch of dry grass is a rabbits nest

Investigate Your Lawn For Baby Rabbit Nests Before You Cut The Grass

We’re quite happy to announce that our video showing an example of a hidden baby rabbit’s nest on a customer’s front lawn has reached quite a large number of people. Being in the wildlife removal industry for this many years, we’ve encountered thousands of animals in need of rescue and are always happy to do our part.

In this particular instance the home owner we were working for, brought to our attention that he saw the dry grass-patch on his front lawn had moved. We knew right away that the patch of dried grass was a baby rabbits’ nest, so we decided it was the perfect time to educate our client, and the public on what to do if you find a baby rabbits’ nest on your front lawn.

You can watch the video below:

What do to if you see a rabbit nest on your lawn

If you do find a patch of dried grass especially at this time of year, there’s a high chance it’s a rabbits nest. If you see a dried patch of grass you can:

  • lift it up gently by the sides to make sure the babies are under the patch
  • if there are babies under the patch, cut your lawn approximately 6 feet around the patch
  • use a weed-wacker to cut the remaining grass around the nest
  • if you have a dog or young children, quarantine the area off and regularly monitor the nest for it’s protection
  • regularly check the nest until the babies have grown up and have left the nest

Feel free to get creative while quarantining off the nest from your pets. One way is by taking a plastic container, cutting a door into it and placing it over the rabbits nest. This way the mother rabbit can still access her babies during the day to feed them, and your pets and children will have an easier time remembering the area is off limits.

Our goal is that home owners will be more vigilant when it comes to being careful about potential wildlife living in their lawns so make sure to share this article and the video with your friends and help us get the word out.

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