Jared Houlistong being interviewed by CTV news about bats

Searching for Pesky Bats In Brantford Ontario

It was a busy season this year for bats in Brant County and the areas from Cambridge to Kitchener. It was so busy that CTV decided to showcase a day on the job with Jared Houliston of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. so viewers can understand how common it is to find a colony of bats living in their attic and the right procedures for removing them and preventing them from entering again.

The ‘Bat-man’ of Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. Shares Some Insight With CTV

CTV followed Jared to a bat removal job in Brantford where a landlord found he had bats living in the attic of his property and wanted to ensure his attic wasn’t getting damaged and that all his tenants were safe.

Although catching rabies from bats is quite rare, with a colony, there’s always a risk so once a colony has been discovered the only safe option is removing them.

As Jared says:
Bat removed from Kitchener-Waterloo attic 2016

“Once a bat colony is established in a home, they start doubling in size every year.”

This is the time of year where the bats are giving birth and by mid-August, those babies will start flying. For homes that are harbouring bats in their attic, it’s likely they’ll see one flying in their home – that’s when it could get dangerous.

The concerning part is that most people don’t even know they have bats in their attic until they see them either flying out by the dozens or the encounter one in their living room.

Bat removal and control involves following the law because many species of bats in Canada are protected by the Species at Risk Act which requires specific and humane handling of bats during the removal process.

For full information on how Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. handles bats in homes and how we can help you, visit our bat removal page for more information.

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