Bat flying out of chimney

Bat Warning Notice

In an effort to promote public health and well-being, Ontario Wildlife Removal would like to advise you of the following bat warning notice for the province of Ontario.

The following information has been released to the public:

  • We are currently seeing an increase in the incidence of bat rabies in Ontario and across Canada.
  • A real possibility exists that a bat within your building could be infected with the rabies virus. Bat feces, if fumes inhaled, can cause histoplasmosis – a condition which is identified as flu-like symptoms.
  • The bite from a bat is not easily noticed or detectable, particularly in the instance when an occupant of the building is asleep when bitten.
  • If the bat cannot be caught for testing, a physician must be consulted immediately to discuss the need for post rabies shots.
  • If the bat has been caught, then the local health department should be consulted to determine if the bat should be sent for rabies tests.
  • If a bat(s) has gained entry into your home/building previously, it is likely to hide and go into a semi-state of¬†hibernation, then re-appear at a later date.

Ontario Wildlife Removal offers a five-year guarantee on exclusion services to seal your building.

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