Bat sitting on wall after removal

Bat Bites And Rabies

It’s rather rare that people get bit by bats, but the problem is that bat‬ bites aren’t always easily detected. Unfortunately, this year a Brantford‬ resident was bitten and is now seeking rabies shots.

An Unnoticed Danger‪

Bat bites are a serious matter. Please seek a doctor as soon as possible if you feel you have been bitten by a bat. If you have been bitten and the bat is contaminated, it can be brought to your local Health Department for ‪‎rabies‬ testing. This is an extremely helpful step in the prevention of rabies.

The real danger for humans is that if you wait too long and start showing symptoms of rabies, it is almost always too late and fatal.

When in doubt please get checked out. Rabies is typically preventable if medical treatment is sought right away.

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