Baby squirrels removal from attic

Beware of Second Litter During Squirrel Removal

With mid-summer comes more calls for squirrel removal, especially when squirrels are giving birth to their babies in the attics of home owners. Whether you’ve seen the signs or not, there’s one important piece of advice I’d like to give you and other pest control companies about being aware of the second litter that’s born in the summer.

So we have a little surprise for you in the video below, but take note of the important information regarding how exactly squirrels should be handled when they’re removed from an attic regarding their babies.

(video transcript)

Hi there, it’s Jared from Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc., and we’ve got a little surprise for you today.

It’s mid-summer, and now it’s time for our squirrels to give birth to their second litter.

The first litter is typically from mid-March to early April. We were working on this home here for another reason but we found as we were working that a squirrel chewed out a soffit in the last couple of days and made a nest in there.

Now it’s given birth and I’m going to show you the brand new born babies.

Baby warming box with removed baby squirrelsWe’ve got just a day or two day old babies here. I don’t know if you can see on the camera, on this one guy there’s just a little bit of blood where the umbilical chord was. This tells us that they might even be a few of hours old.

What you’re seeing here is our baby-reunion box. It’s heated, it’s insulated, it provides warmed to the babies during the early winter months.

This box allows for the mother to come inside the box, grab her babies, and relocate them to safety.

  • No we don’t kill them
  • No we don’t relocate them
  • We let the mother do all the work to take them away

The point I want to get across is this: make sure when you call professional wildlife removal company that they are indeed looking for baby squirrels even in the summer.

A lot of companies will say that because it’s the middle of the summer that the babies are all grown up – unaware that they do have two litters per year. This knowledge just comes with experience.

Why is removing baby squirrels so important?

The number one reason it’s important to remove the squirrels and have the mother retrieve them is because it’s humane. It’s simply not fair to the squirrel (or any other wildlife) to separate her from her babies, and to let her babies die.

The second reason is because if those are locked in an attic, and left to die, they’ll rot and decompose in your attic. This could lead to various sanitation issues, attract bugs and insects, and start to smell quite badly to the point of the odour reaching into your home.

If you can’t find the dead babies yourself – which is almost always the case – you’ll have to re-hire the company that initially did the work for you and you’ll most likely be charged for them to come out and visit again.

The objective is to rid the home owner of their wildlife issues for good. There’s no reason to have to pay twice for a job that should have been included the first time.

So there you have it. Make sure to watch the video and share this information with your friends and family so we can get the word out!

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