Trucks ready for raccoon rescue in Brantford

Happy Ending For a Raccoon Stuck on Hydro Pole in Brantford

Holding the tarp to catch the raccoon in case he fallsIn conjunction with Brantford Hydro, the Brantford SPCA and Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. we rescued one lucky raccoon this past weekend who was stuck up on top of a hydro pole.

I say lucky because if it hadn’t been for a caring citizen who noticed the raccoon had been stuck on the hydro pole for over ten hours, he may not have made it. At that height, he would have surely died or severely hurt himself from the fall.

Preparations before bringing the raccoon down

To ensure the raccoon’s safety before we attempted to bring him down, Brantford Hydro decided to temporarily turn off the electricity for that street block. This ensured no unfortunate accidents would happen to the raccoon or anyone on the ground.

Before the hydro employee lifted himself to the top of the hydro pole, we had to give him an impromptu lesson on safely snaring a raccoon. Before long he got the hang of it and made his ascent to the raccoon on the pole.

We’re happy to announce that the raccoon was brought down safely, taken into the care of the Brant County SPCA, and was released days later happy and healthy.

You can watch our video below for some of the pictures we took:

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