Raccoon Removal and Control Services

Raccoon Removal Services

If you have raccoons in your attic, it’s good news that you’ve decided to contact Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. to get it removed. About 99% of the time, a raccoon that’s harbouring in your home will do so in the attic. Unlike squirrels, it’s rare to find a raccoon hiding or stuck behind your walls.

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When Raccoons Get Into Your Attic

Attic dwelling raccoon on roofThey usually chew their way in, or enter through an already damaged opening and start building a nest site. If they’ve been there long enough, you can expect to hear and possibly encounter raccoon babies, and you’ll usually see them entering or existing your attic from your roof.

Seeing raccoons walking around your roof and hearing sounds like thumping in your attic is a definite sign there’s an intrusion. Your only recourse at this time is an inspection, removal, and to set up exclusion measures.

We are raccoon removal experts serving Brant County. We provide a 100% guarantee that raccoons will not get back into your attic and we employ only humane removal techniques to ensure raccoons, and their babies are safe and always reunited so they can build their nest again elsewhere.

Our Raccoon Removal Process

If you’re interested in understanding our removal process for raccoons and other wildlife, simply click the following link to view our removal and control process page where you’ll be able to contact us for a quote based on your current wildlife issue.

How Important is it to Have Raccoons Removed?

If raccoons have infiltrated your attic, they:

  • can pose serious health dangers to you and your family
  • can carry parasites such as roundworm
  • can pass parasites through their stool to other animals and humans
  • can negatively affect young children
  • are major carriers of rabies in Southern Ontario

If you encounter a raccoon and it appears to be too tame, or lethargic, sick or injured there’s a possibility that it’s infected with rabies – try to stay away from it and call the professionals.

Also do not corner it. A raccoon that feels it’s life is in danger can act quite quickly and aggressively. If they bite you and are infected with a disease like rabies, you could end up with a serious problem.

Don’t take a chance. When a raccoon has built it’s nest in your attic it’s a problem you should leave with us to settle, especially if it has raccoon kitts (not cubs) because you want to ensure the mother and kitts remain together.

In order to for raccoons to get into your attic they usually have to cause substantial damage. As a part of our exclusion process we also repair any damage done by the raccoon and restore the area to it’s original look. The longer you wait to remove a raccoon from your home the more potential for damage to incur.

Get the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively by the raccoon removal experts trusted by Brantford and Brant County surrounding areas – call Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. today!

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